is founded by a Senior Skill development Trainer. We have spent the last decade in Education Management with various age groups.  we  empathize and understand with our Indian students and budding entrepreneurs because after detailed market study and training with industry experts we have designed inter-personal skill development online workshops.

In the past, we have trained students for Retail Industry Customer Services in a collaborated skill development program organised by the State Government of Chandigarh and NIIT Yuva Jyoti. We were part of Basic Spoken English program in Jeevan jyoti vocational centre, Maharashtra. we have also trained individuals from various age and culture groups to cope up with work and skill related  challenges from various industries.

We offer special coaching in skill development to enhance individual performance in required areas. We provide customized solutions to individuals as well as groups. We help trainees to enhance their problem solving skills which are very important in today’s dynamic business environment.

One can achieve his goals by walking an Extra Mile, So the Worklifeskill team brings you effective learning methods on “How to walk that Extra Mile…..”

Our training comprises of Training Modules and Group discussions. Our training sessions are very lively and informative with great learning experience.

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