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At Work Life Skill, we provide a number of short term courses and workshops. By introducing small changes in your lifestyle and by these short term sessions you may improve your work life immediately. brings face to face workshops and Online Consultation services. Our workshops are based on quick knowledge and problem solving skills in required areas. All courses and workshops are designed for our Indian Education system & Global Business Environments.

      WORKSHOPS (Duration 3 hrs.)

  •  Exclusive workshop on Communication Skills.
  •  Exclusive workshop on soft skills for Entrepreneurship.
  •  Especially designed workshop for Students on Time Management.
  •  Exclusive workshop for students on Industry Awareness.
  •  Exclusive customized workshop on Customer Service Skills for Small Businesses.

      PROGRAMS (Duration 18 days 3 hrs session)

  • Customer Service Skill development program for small scale Entrepreneurship.
  • Interview Preparation Program for Freshers.