Perceptions ???

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Perceptions are our understandings about a particular environment or a person or an organisation. ” Whilst part of what we perceive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part always comes out of our own mind” By … Continued

Perception! Perception! Perception!

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What is this Perception Bug? Does it really work in organisations? Who will decide perception is right of wrong? Is it assumption or a understanding? Do you have facts to support your understanding or assumption?

Learn & Unlearn……

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After adding your score,”last but not the least” you need to Learn to Unlearn. You must be wondering that what is unlearn let’s think more deeper on this. Till today, you kept on learning knowingly or unknowingly a lot many … Continued


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Continued…….. from Learn to Unlearn Rate yourself on the the scale of 1————————————–10 and if you get your sumĀ <30, <35, <40 then let’s walk with you an extra mile! Q 1. Do you update yourself on industry trends, reviews and … Continued

Learn & Unlearn

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Learn and unlearn are two sides of one coin. Do you find it confusing ?? lets discuss this further, we all know that we can learn with help of various methods for example we are learning while reading a book, … Continued