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Continued…….. from Learn to Unlearn

Rate yourself on the the scale of 1————————————–10 and if you get your sum <30, <35, <40 then let’s walk with you an extra mile!

Q 1. Do you update yourself on industry trends, reviews and marketing?

Q 2. Are you confident while communicating in the public on various topics?

Q 3. Do you find yourself well groomed and dressed appropriately on different occasions?

Q 4. Are you ready to face professional world?

Q 5. How good is your Time Management?

Q 6. How good you can hold your strengths and weaknesses?

Q 7. How well you handle study/work pressure?

Q 8. How do you rate your motivational levels?

Q 9. Do you aim and achieve your goals?

Q 10. How do you rate yourself at perception level with people around you?

To be continued…. Learn to 8278910_OlBxywaq56YFyzQWhIX4KNeT7s2dgLau.smallUnlearn

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