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After adding your score,”last but not the least” you need to Learn to Unlearn. You must be wondering that what is unlearn let’s think more deeper on this. Till today, you kept on learning knowingly or unknowingly a lot many things from your environment and people around you or may be you are born with this! So they have taken some space in your brain and you started believing in them profoundly!! I know our brain has no limit but we need to unlearn some of them to make space for new and the right methods!!



Let’s take a very simple example that you have a particular hairstyle but you are not happy with your look so go for a change take professional help!! This is an example of changing your physical appearance and the same way you can change your thinking pattern with some proven techniques. But you need to unlearn those old methods which are not working for you anymore. You will be able to perform much better with “New Righteous” approach towards life. So, “Make some space” means be flexible, Adapt, keep learning and growing………….with new ideas !!

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  1. Prem Lata

    Life is all about learn, unlearn and relearn. Until we are ready to unlearn we can’t relearn.

    • Monika Gupta

      Well Said! Mrs.Premlata(Branch Head SBI Malleshwaram Bangalore) and thanks a lot for your valuable inputs!Thanks Narinder for joining in our discussions!!

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